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LSG system + float cutting table with edge deletion Hegla A37 Plus / Formline 6133 KT ESR

The complete system consists of a laminated safety glass system and a float cutting table with edge deletion.
max. cutting width VSG A37 Plus: 3700 mm,
max. glass thickness VSG A37 Plus: 2 x 8 mm.
Glass thickness cutting table Formline 6133KT ESR with edge deletion: from 4 to 19 mm.
The Formline 6133KT ESR cutting table can be tilted and could also be used without a laminated safety glass system as a cutting system with edge deletion.
The Formline 6133KT ESR can also cut molds and models, but does not have integrated breaking bars. When using the Formline without VSG system, a break-out table is required.
Total length: 14500 mm.
The Formline is suitable for a maximum glass size of 3210 x 6000 mm.
Glass loading via tilting table or gantry crane possible.

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